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« War hero joins local ANZAC Day commemorations »

Each ANZAC Day holds much significance to residents across the country, and this shows as crowds gather at marches and early morning services to pay their respects to past and current servicemen and women.

Yesterday morning, more than 150 people gathered at Warialda Public School to partake in the first of the day’s official proceedings as sunlight pierced the sky.

In the following hours, much of the community gathered again, for the official march and 11am service.

This year, a decorated war hero was amongst those marching along Hope St. Having recently moved into Naroo, Mr Jim Slaughter attended with his daughter Peta Blyth, and was wheeled through the street by Jim Skinner.

Just last year, Mr Slaughter was given the French National Order of the Legion of Honour for his service and bravery during World War II. While membership in the Légion is technically restricted to French nationals, foreign nationals such as Mr Slaughter who have served France or the ideals it upholds may receive the honour.

Mr Slaughter was in the 15th Lancaster squadron bomber command as a flying officer.

Jane McCarthy, formerly of the Royal Australian Navy also attended the local services, acting as the guest speaker at the 11am service.

Mrs McCarthy spoke about the ANZAC Spirit, and the importance of passing it on to future generations.

“Today is not about glorifying war, it is about honouring our servicemen and women,” she said.

“The ANZAC Spirit is hard to explain, it is something that lives within, and something we need to pass on.”

“Let’s be determined to maintain this special day,” she said.

“What I have seen today are the most amazing services, people stopped their rollercoaster of a day to stop and reflect, and I thank you all for that,” she said.

Reports suggest that all ANZAC Day services and events across the Shire were well attended.

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